House Cleaning and Apartment Cleaning Services

Coming home to a house that’s clean and comfortable gives us all a wonderful feeling.

Sweep & Mop LLC offers competent residential cleaning services for every room in your home. Our attention to detail will leave your home immaculate and sparkling. Let us help you maintain your home with regular dusting and vacuuming or have us deep clean your home to help remove odors, stains, and hard to get to soil. Contact us today for more information or to set up your next appointment.

Duration varies • $50 to $200

Move- in / Move-out Cleaning

Duration varies • $150 - $250

Enjoy your move more by hiring Sweep & Mop LLC! Our team is trained and equipped.

24/7 Emergency Cleaning Service

Duration varies • Price varies

Accidents happens, we are here to help you 24/7. Residential and Commercial.

Residential Cleaning Services

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Packages
  • One Time Cleaning
  • Emergency Cleaning
  • Custom Cleaning Packages
  • Deep Cleaning
  • New Construction Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Move In/Out Cleaning
  • Party Clean-Up

Sweep & Mop LLC will work with you to schedule the cleaning services you need and to match your budget. Reclaim more of your time and focus on more important tasks while we manage your dusting, vacuuming or mopping, sanitizing, waste removal, and many other tasks. Contact us today to find out about other services we offer, how we can help you with your cleaning needs, and to schedule you next service appointment.

Deep Cleaning/Special Projects

Our deep cleaning service helps to remove ground-in dirt, remove odors and stains, and bring your home up to a new level of cleanliness. Sweep & Mop LLC will scrub, polish, and clean surfaces such as hardwoods, tile linoleum, and counter tops throughout your home. Whether you've been in your home for a week or a decade, Sweep & Mop LLC will help remove dirt, grime, mold, and more from your home and bring out the original brilliance of your home with deep cleaning services from Sweep & Mop.

Move In / Out Cleaning

Whether you are a family moving in to a new space, moving out of an old one, or are a real estate agent showing a new property, a thorough cleaning is one of the most integral parts of the process. Sweep & Mop LLC maintains a close relationship with many real estate agents and staging consultants who trust and rely on us to help get top dollar for their soon to be picture-perfect homes.

New Construction Cleaning

New Construction cleaning has become extremely popular. We specialize in providing timely and reliable cleaning services for both residential and commercial new construction properties. After construction, there can be an abundance of dirt, dust and debris throughout a new home or office. Our team will come in and clean from top to bottom in a timely manner to allow for move in or to help it sell quickly. Contact us today for a free estimate.
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